Thank you for the opportunity to serve someone who understands the unpredictability of the trailer industry.  Your customer’s repairs are completed and ready.  I have no problem reiterating to your customer the overall safety and structural integrity of your manufactured product.  Your trailer quality is unmatched and it has been a real eye-catcher at our dealership.  We heard our customers believe your trailer was to transport anything from top secret spacecraft to militarized weaponry.  Please see enclosed photos for your records.  If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Best Regards,
Johnny Nguyen
General Manager-477
Big Tex Trailer World, Inc.



I will be using my new trailer for the first time this coming weekend. I will be racing my 1935 BMW 315/1 roadster in the Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival at Sears Point Raceway.

I tried a test load and haul today just to be sure everything was in order. It all works great, and tows beautifully! Scooters fits and I’m a happy boy.

Here’s a couple of pictures.

Steve Walker




Last month I finally pulled the plug and had Montrose Trailers build me a trailer. Gary Sr. delivered the trailer to me himself during the latter part of last week. What a great man. After trekking almost 1400 miles, he took around two hours to walk me through and go over every detail of the build.

This trailer build will accommodate the Gallardo, Huracan and even the Aventador, allowing the doors to open on both sides. Normal ramp size is 10’ x 15” but they extended my ramps to 12’ x 17”. Using the car front lift, the extra 2’ provides plenty of clearance loading and unloading the car. Since I travel alone a lot, the 17” ramps provide the security in knowing I can zip up and down the ramps with plenty of room for my tires.

I can say driving in and out of the trailer is not a problem at all. Escape hatches on both sides in my opinion are a must as it not only allows easy access to the car, strapping down the tires is a breeze. It was suggested I go with the Mac’s VersaTie track system along with their custom wheel nets. Upon providing Jeremy at Mac’s with my measurements, he had the nets and gear to me in a week.

I made a 300 mile round trip this past weekend pulling my G Spyder behind my 2016 Cayenne Turbo S. Not a problem at all, all aluminum, great aero dynamics made for a very smooth and stable pull. Montrose moved the axles back on the trailer to accommodate the rear weight of the Lambo. I was able to complete the loading of the car and able to drive away in about 30 minutes.

Wanting a trailer for your Lambo or car? Call Montrose, they will build to spec.

--- Base: 20’ x 94” square back w/ 8” fenders and 185/80D13 tires on aluminum wheels
     to get 85” between the fenders so the car would clear.
--- Height – 88”
--- Width – 102”
--- Length – 24’ (from tongue to rear)
--- Empty Weight - Between 2,050# and 2,150#
--- 12’ x 17” ramps
--- Winch and battery
--- Second side door
--- Matching spare
--- Aluminum Vents
--- Storage in floor with lids - 8’ x 28” + 4’ x 28”
--- LED Lighting
--- Black color
--- Versa Trac (Positioned to accommodate the H Spyder according to its specs)
--- Mac’s Custom Wheel Nets (Ordered from Mac’s)



The folks at Montrose trailers customed this for my cars and the build quality and final product is well above my expectations. I have just pulled my car 600+ miles and after loading and unloading my car, I can say this is the best auto trailer I have owned. It has more advantages than I can list but it rides well. looks great, is easy to get to your car through all the access so tie downs and tightening on the road is a snap. Light enough to pull behind a SUV but so well built that you can be comfortable with your high dollar toys in the back.

If you have a supercar or any car and are frustrated with the limitations of "breadbox" trailers this is it. It is not cheap but I wasted a lot of money on lousy trailers at 1/2 the price that never worked well.

After 10 years of towing and transporting, this trailer does it all.




Trailer pulled great. Very satisfied. Here are a few pictures.




Click on the image to enlarge.


I looked at many trailers and the Montrose is the lightest most aerodynamic and user friendly that I have found! The ease of just driving the car in the trailer and opening the driver door to just walk out is so worth it. Also being able to load by yourself and not having to worry about hitting your wheels or mirrors on the sides of the trailer due to the extra width is a welcome relief! This trailer is light enough that when unloaded I can move it around by hand in my shop on the concrete floor. Montrose has really differentiated themselves with this and the front slant design cuts through the wind so well. I have many different trailers for various needs but I have to say that the Montrose is easily my favorite and the ease of everything involved with its application.



 "Gary Sr. and Gary Jr.,

I wanted to say thank you and do so in a way others can read.  You two worked with me and not only met but exceeded my expectations.  The custom utility your shop fabricated is of the highest quality and has all the function I requested.  From the ability to roll cargo into it to the side mounted shelf, the trailer will serve all the purposes I purchased it for.  Built to tow behind my 2015 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk, the height and width turned out to be perfect.  The safety aspect is great because I can see around it with the factory mirrors.  Moreover, during my more than 800 mile drive home towing the trailer I averaged 19 miles per gallon, which is awesome considering I averaged 23 miles per gallon without the trailer on the same exact roads traveling to your shop.  Mind you the trailer weighs 900 pounds empty!  The trailer towed straight and smooth and the quality Dexter axle makes a world of difference over inferior axles competitors use in mass produced trailers of similar cargo capacities.

For anyone reading this review, it is true that you get what you pay for.  Montrose Trailers is a stand up company that produces a very quality product that exceeds the quality I have seen in three major trailer manufacturers from previous purchases.  The price was very fair and carefully explained to me as we progressed through the build and modifications.  I fully expect my custom utility trailer to outlast my Jeep and the next vehicle that tows it.  If I ever find I need a different type of trailer to meet a need I have, you will receive a phone call from me.  Thank you for building a quality trailer in America using American products.


Michael from Minnesota"

Polaris Slingshot  Polaris Slingshot


"Hello Gary Jr,

I recently received my Polaris Slingshot for which my trailer was purchased for.  This past weekend, I loaded it up in the new trailer and hauled it down to the Florida Keys for a long weekend of riding.  I was very pleased with how well the trailer performed and actually received quite a few compliments from people when I was fueling on the highway.  The trailer and ramp configuration was a perfect fit.  I will relocate the trailer spare tire prior to the next trip to allow a little more clearance around the front wheels of the Slingshot.

In closing I would like to thank you again for the quality trailer that you produced for me.  I have attached a few photos of the Slingshot loaded.  Feel free to use these on your website.

Kindest Regards,

Polaris Slingshot  Polaris Slingshot


"Hi Gary,
Just got back from a couple of weeks in Maine, and the trailer performed exactly as I had hoped.  We got all kinds of comments and referred them all to your website.  Here's a couple pictures of the  trailer and the Jeep in Maine.  Feel free to use them anyway you want."


Custom Utility Trailer in Maine  Custom Utility Trailer in Maine


"I was looking for a trailer that was customizable, light, and big enough, so I could haul it with my tow vehicle with a maximum tow capacity of 5000 pounds.  I was looking to have a trailer that I could use for both small and larger cars, while having plenty of storage.  I was also looking for something unique that would give me access to all sides of the trailer, so that I would not need to crawl on the floor to lock down the car.  The service I received from Gary was superb.  And when my trailer was delivered, I was extremely impressed by the quality of workmanship and the quality of the materials used.  I have taken this trailer all the way from Florida to upstate New York, and it is always a show stopper. 

Before choosing Montrose Trailers, I spent time looking for other trailer manufacturers.  After receiving my trailer, I can say that nothing beats the quality, looks, and finish that Montrose offers. "


Custom Trailer  Custom Trailer


"Hi Gary,
I had nothing but great expectations when my wife and I picked up our trailer last October at your shop in Montrose.  My expectations have been met and then some.  Upon our return to Southern California we loaded our version of the Shelby Cobra into the trailer and took off to the local tracks.  Though I added artwork to the back personalized the trailer, its aeronautical design and unique aluminum construction generated most of the praise."


Cobra  Cobra


"Hi Gary,
I purchased a custom 8 foot x 12 foot trailer last march which has worked out great; this trailer has already traveled 6,000 miles and earned over 15K. I once asked about sealing the wood deck, I have sealed the deck with a product called Grizzly Grip which is a truck bed liner, after speaking with the chemical company found it works great with wood. This product is easy to apply, creates a rubber seal on the wood and after carrying product across the US have proven the product does work well. I am attaching some pictures to show you how the trailer is being used. I am very pleased with this product and everybody who sees the trailer really likes it."


Wood Platform Trailer  Wood Platform Trailer



Just wanted to let you know that I towed the two-place in-line snowmobile you made for me on our first big trip to Houghton/Hancock last weekend.  It was about 550 miles each way.

I am EXTREMELY HAPPY with the trailer!  Towing it was a breeze.  We towed in both good and bad weather and the handling was exceptional.  Balance is good and there was absolutely no sway whatsoever.  I especially like the fact that I now have visibility thru my mirrors where on the old side by side trailer I could see nothing.

Coming home we had to hook the trailer to my friends GMC Envoy, as a kamikaze snowplow driver took out the front of my truck in the parking lot of our hotel in Hancock.  My friend had the same comments as me and he has towed quite a few trailers as well in the past. Thanks again for a job well done.  Please do not hesitate to use my name as a reference if you like.

Thanks Again


"Hi Gary, my wife will be sending you some pictures. I won't be going to Carlilse but I will be going to the NCRS national meet in Boston with my 57 fuelie. I will be going this weekend to a corvette show near Orlando. The trailer is great I recently went to a show in Crystal River and many people took pictures and asked me questions. "




"Gary I got the trailer today.  It tows very well and I am extremely pleased.  I am grateful.  "

Thank you, Robert"


"Good afternoon Gary,

A friend in my local Lotus club recommended you guys for building a trailer for a Lotus Elise.  I saw the main video on your site and I know I need not look any further!"

Thank you, SG"


"Hey Gary,

Just wanted to thank you and Willie again for the amazing work you did on Dad's Sportchassis truck. Soon after we got it back we put some lexan on the front of the box, put some lightweight 2"" foam insulation in the walls and ceiling and lined it with FRP panels and finally the L track. We wired up the lights on the front rack so 2 come on from the cab, and 2 turn on from a switch in the box.

It's been working beautifully, and looking beautiful. It gets more attention than you could ever imagine, and when not pulling a concession trailer most people ask ""what do you haul in there?"".... like they think we are on a secret mission moving nuclear reactors or something.  We couldn't be happier, and always tell interested people that you guys did the great work for us.  I'll attach a couple pictures for ya...

Thanks again on a better job than we thought we would ever get.



"Hi Gary,

I hope all is well and that business is thriving.
The main reason I am writing is to tell you about how much people like the trailer. I trailered the car to a local Ford dealer today for minor service that is also the site for an upcoming car show which has grown in size over the past few years. The folks at Nick Nicholas Ford in Inverness, Fla. are avid car buffs and your trailer was looked over pretty thoroughly, maybe even more so than our low mileage car! People asked where I got the trailer and were really interested in the design and the fact that it’s all aluminum. If this is how they reacted, I can’t wait to see what will happen at the show on October 6th.
If you would want to send me some business cards I’d love to hand them to people who inquire about the trailer. "

Best regards,


"I am a guy who is just amazed by people who make things such as you do. Taking all of the raw materials and building a trailer that can handle big
loads is really incredible. I truly appreciate the skill and effort that people have who can create such things!"


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